Operation Market Garden

The Operation Market Garden tour

See the drop zone of the Easy Company (Band of Brothers) Division, and visit the many cemeteries, memorials and museums that populate this fascinating, fully catered trip courtesy of Battlefield Select Tours.
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Operation Market Garden

A daring and courageous, yet ultimately ill-fated, attempt by the Allies, to seize strategically pivotal territories and bridges in and surrounding the towns of Eindhoven, Nijmegen and Arnhem, in the Netherlands, and in turn allow their forces to enter into and dismantle the Ruhr - Germany's industrial heartland.

Taking place in September 1944, the operation was the largest airborne battle in history. Its failure to succeed put to bed hopes that the war would be ended by Christmas of that year.

Tour itinerary

6 days and 5 nights

Day One
Depart pick-up points for Hull

Day Two
1st (UK) Airborne Division area
Visit Drop Zone 'X'
Drive along Lion Route
Tour of the Arnhem Bridge area
St Elizabeth's Hospital

Day Three
Guards Armoured and 101st (Screaming Eagles) Airborne Divisions area
Joe's Bridge
Drive along Hell's Highway
Visit Valkenswaard Cemetery
Visit to the Son Bridge, scene of an attempt by the Easy Company (Band of Brothers) to capture the first of the all-important bridges.
Wings of Liberation Museum

Day Four
Guards Armoured and 82nd (All American) Airborne Divisions area
Site of Grave Bridge and its successful capture by the US 82nd Division
Travel along Hell's Highway
Visit Jonkerbos War Cemetery
Liberation Museum at Groesbeek
Drive over Nijmegen Bridge

Day Five
1st (UK) Airborne Division and 1st Polish Parachute Brigade's area.
Visit Drop Zone 'Y', scene of the opposed landing by the 4th Parachute Brigade on 18th September, 1944
Visit the Glider memorial on the edge of Landing Zone 'S'
War Cemetery at Oosterbeek
Visit the Westerbouwing Heights, which look down on the Lower Rhine to Driel
Depart for Rotterdam

Day Six
Depart Hull for drop-off points

(itinerary subject to change)
Dear Mr Marr Just a wee note to thank you for a wonderful trip to Normandy which Eleaner, Karen and I enjoyed very much. It was nice for Eleaner to visit her brother's grave after nearly 45 years.

You did a first class job of organising everything from the bus and ferry to accommodation, every part of the trip went well and turned out not only to be an informative battlefield tour but also a very good holiday.
Eric, Forres and Moray
Discover, first-hand, the real events and real people who comprised this most important chapter in the history of war. Call to inquire about our guided Operation Market Garden tours, leaving via England and Scotland.
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